JWS Lancashire has a wide range of waste collection vehicles and containers, backed up by an extensive logistics infrastructure.

This infrastructure, combined with the large volume of materials we handle, enables us to achieve highly competitive rates. Our services are timely and responsive, with waste collections totally tailored to your individual needs.

Our vehicles meet all health and safety standards and requirements and our drivers/ collectors are trained to manage all such issues effectively. As well as the physical side of waste management, we also deal with the red tape, handling the legislative documents and audit processes required for the management and transfer of waste to acceptable environmental and social standards.

Our skips and bulk carriers are available in a variety of sizes and types. These include:

  • wheeled bins
  • rear end loading containers
  • roll on/roll off containers
  • 40yd3 bulk skips
  • small and large curtain sided units
  • trailers

All open-topped skips have optional covers that can be locked. A variety of skips are available to suit different types of materials. Once we know your requirements, we will develop an exact specification for you.

We also supply skip cages for the collection of plastic bottles, cans or a mixture of both materials. If you want details of cages, or would like a different size of skip to those listed below, please contact us and we’ll find a solution for you.