Offering a range of recycling services to businesses across Lancashire, including Preston, Bolton and Blackpool.

benefits to your business

  • Improved control over the rising costs of waste management
  • Our local facilities help keep your costs and carbon footprint low
  • A reliable service from a responsible company
  • Offset compliance costs with your own recycling
  • Our expert staff make the process easy
  • Full visibility of where your waste ends up
  • We can collect loose and baled materials
  • With our help, you can maximise the value of your waste materials

We provide waste management solutions throughout every stage of the recycling process. Whether you are looking for full recycling and waste management services, advice on the purchase of recyclables, or information on the supply of secondary raw materials to reprocessors, we can help. We can even carry out a free waste audit, at your site to identify your specific needs.

JWS Lancashire has extensive experience in implementing all types of recycling systems, including office recycling, commercial and trade waste recycling for local and regional businesses, and bring banks and Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) for Local Authorities. We also provide other specialist services, such as confidential and hazardous waste management.

Whatever space you have available, we can provide and deliver containers, compactors and balers in which to store your waste. Our fleet of vehicles collects both loose and baled materials from your premises. We have the latest technology at our facility, enabling us to sort, grade and process all types of raw materials, so their maximum value can be realised.