Think about it, you spend a better part of your day at your workplace, and so do your colleagues and employees.

Isn’t it imperative then that your workplace is conducive to their mental and physical well-being as well?

A workplace is not just a place where you have the equipment, machines, paper, and phones. It is about people working there. It is also about the impression that a visitor to the workplace gets. Here are some tips to help you improve your workplace environment.

Plan the working space

When you design your office, it is not enough to think only about utilising every available space on the premises. You must plan the work area according to how you want people to feel comfortable when working there. You need to think about clients, visitors and business associates who come visiting too. Office furniture, equipment, work tables, storage and other paraphernalia, must get their designated space. No one likes to work in a cramped area.

A well organised and structured layout can also help in improving the work environment for your employees. Include ample light and air circulation in your design, and you will find your employees smiling at work.

We recently worked alongside Advanced Commercial Interiors to refurbish the offices of Imaginaire Digital who wanted to create a working environment that not only looked great, but helped the environment too.

Initiate alcohol and drug testing programs

It is not enough that you have set up a clean and well-structured office premises for your employees. You need to make sure your employees and staff feel safe working in your office premises. Regular health checks and associated benefits can boost their morale. Moreover implementing regular alcohol and drug testing programs can help in reducing accidents and other mishaps that occur due to employees’ habits.

You can also get expert help to check out your prospective employees for drug or alcohol related issues. Regular counselling and awareness programs for your employees can also be implemented. You can make a big difference to the lives of your employees with some simple steps.

Keep in touch with the real world

Your business is in existence since a long time. You have incorporated some of the best business practices, and you make sure your offices are the most customer-friendly regarding workplaces. As you take your business ahead, you need to keep in touch with the real world as well.

Your employees are your best assets, and you must take care of their well-being if you want your business to continue profitably. Health programs, insurance, medical benefits, maternity and paternity benefits are important initiatives you must have in place for your employees.

Settling lawsuits amicably within and outside your business organisation can go a long way in enhancing the credibility of your business. Your business associates judge you by the way you conduct your business, and it is not just about the money involved. Business etiquette plays an important role in maintaining good relationships.

A healthy work environment and a well-planned office setup can go a long way in reducing the stress faced by your employees. Activities such as drug and alcohol testing can help in enhancing the quality of work life for your employees.