A common request for us is to help clients dispose of materials that are typically pretty difficult to handle. A material that causes the manufacturing industry in particular quite a few headaches is plastic.

We were recently asked by Pro Moulds Toolmakers to advise them on how best they should go about getting rid of some of the waste plastic generated from a large toolmaking project they had taken on. As with all businesses, they wanted to understand if there were ways to not only dispose of the waste, but potentially sell it on.

Of course, we specialise in commercial recycling, so we were only too happy to help!

On a yearly basis, they were disposing of anything between 2 and 3 tonnes of plastic and so we wanted to help them stop seeing it as simply waste, and to start seeing it as a way to generate revenue.

We now have three specialist skips located at their factory and we collect these on a bi-weekly basis. We then use our supply chain network to arrange the sale of the materials to reputable buyers. We report back to them and tell them how much has been offered and arrange the sale.

Overall, it’s become a nice addition to their business that helps take some of the pain away from wasted materials and, as well as the commercial benefit, it allows them to reduce their carbon footprint which, as a manufacturing company, is absolutely vital.

We offer this same service to a lot of companies in the injection moulding, toolmaking and precision engineering sectors and we help to dispose of all materials, from timber to metals to plastics. We even have a hazardous waste disposal team who are able to deal with the more tricky projects.

If you would like to talk about your own plastic recycling needs, have a look through our website and we will be happy to help you.