About JWS Lancashire

Based in Preston, JWS Lancashire delivers bespoke waste management services for our clients in the North West. We are proud to offer a state of the art facility providing jobs in the Lancashire area. We support local businesses by providing high levels of service, a sound level of expertise and reliability.

JWS Lancashire provides waste management solutions for every stage of the recycling process – from full recycling and waste management services, to the purchase of recyclables and the supply of secondary raw materials to reprocessors.

We have our own fleet of vehicles covering the North West and beyond. Our materials recovery facility is one of the largest and most advanced in the UK. All types of raw materials can be accepted directly onto this site for sorting, grading and processing. Using state-of-the-art technology, we separate aluminium and steel cans from plastic bottles. We can even further separate plastics by polymer types. This kind of efficient handling means we maximise the value of your waste materials and reduce the burden of rising costs associated with landfill.

The Rising Cost of Landfill

JWS Lancashire are experts in helping local companies to control the costs associated with handling their waste. The diagram above emphasises how landfill tax charged for waste has been increasing each year. JWS Lancashire will help you to divert as much of your waste as possible from landfill; therefore, helping you to reduce your costs.

Don’t throw away money with your waste – contact us now and recycle-more.

About JWS

Based in Salford, Greater Manchester, JWS Waste & Recycling has been operating since 1983 providing waste management solutions for companies throughout the region. Operating on a four-acre site with in-house recycling and landfill diversion facilities in Salford, Greater Manchester, JWS Waste & Recycling focus on core values of professionalism, high service levels and customer care in order to maintain their status as one of the largest recycling and waste management businesses in the region.

Special Mentions

We wanted to take the time to give a special mention to Imaginaire Digital who have created our website and helped us get on our feet with their digital marketing services. Please take a look at their website for details about their services. We found them by searching for “Web Design Company Nottingham” when we were working from a virtual office over there.